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Binary editing tool for all developers

HexEditor is a utility program developed by HDD Software. The desktop software is designed for hardware and software developers who need to edit binary files. You can configure HEX, ASCII, float, decimal, binary, and double data with the program’s highly optimized performance. It has a carefully tuned user interface (along with the application’s stability) that can help streamline your work process and deliver your projects faster.

What is Hex Editor Neo?

Hex Editor Neo is a binary file editing software exclusively for Windows computers. The program’s rich and useful set of features was created for web developers who work with various data sets. With HexEditor, you can create patches in two clicks; take your EXE, DLL, DAT, AVI, MP3, and JPG file format and undo or redo bugs for an unlimited number of times. 

It’s a great addition by HexEditor developers, ensuring you stable performance and superb reliability. The program is based on an advanced and efficient data processing algorithm, making it a unique data editing software that can handle any file size. By eliminating analogs and offering its underlying file system (FAT, FAT32, NTFS), HexEditor can support extra-large files. 

The use of advanced algorithms, hardware acceleration, and multi-thread technology allows the program to remain responsive and addresses binary data editing. Other capabilities include file modification operations - such as basic I/O, search, replace, and clipboard operations - with data blocks of various sizes. This is important for developers who have long data processing operations as HexEditor will back it up for you. 

How does a hex editor work?

When you need to perform manipulations with file data, HexEditor can help you. You can type data, write data into a file, combine data into one file, delete binary data from a file, insert raw hex data patterns, and other configuration settings. You can overwrite or insert writing modes, cut and paste information, merge data, and highlight modified data. 

Any changes you have made can be documented through the ‘go-to offset’ command or create your own bookmarks (for easy navigation). HexEditor displays binary or hexadecimal data in a grid of cells (by default). These codes can be edited so you can configure every column however you want. The codes (binary, hex, decimal, octal, float, and double) are grouped by Bytes, Words, Double Words, and Quad Words. 

They can be viewed and edited in a variety of formats including single-precision floating-point format (IEEE 754) and double-precision floating-point format (IEEE 754). To edit these, the view type tool is the feature to use. This allows you to open several editor windows alongside different view types for your convenience. 

Go-to editing program for coders 

HexEditor is a great program for developers. Whether you work with hardware or software, this highly optimized program can perform your requested actions efficiently. You can continue working on a document as the program embeds lengthy operations on another opened document. With its powerful data processing capabilities, you can experience a seamless editing environment and develop your work much quicker. 

Hex Editor is a file editing tool for Windows with advanced binary editing capabilities. Basic features include data editing, exchanging data with other applications through the Clipboard, inserting new data and deleting existing data, and well as many others.

The advanced features include multiple selection, powerful Find All and Replace All commands, Goto and Fill commands, Bookmarks and printing capabilities.

Hex Editor is highly optimized to quickly perform the requested actions and easily opens files up to 15 TB. It also allows you to continue working with a document while another document is busy performing a lengthy operation.


  • Utilizes multi-thread technology
  • Unlimited undo and redo function
  • Edit various codes and data sets
  • Bookmark current and past work


  • Best suited for experienced coders

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HexEditor for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.2
  • (131)
  • Security Status

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